Kyle Bellamy

Designer, Artist, Serial Entrepreneur

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I love designing and creating new experiences that inspire!

I work across audio, video, web and print with design that is ready to make a splash.

Key Competence


Designing for handhelds and desktops.


Rapid working prototypes for easy progress.


Expertise from social media to banners to emails.

Multimedia Components

Recording voiceovers and creating backing music.

My Work was concieved and designed to be a visual search for the window shopping vacationer. I designed the site from the ground up including the logo and styling. is a fast, easy to use reponsive site targeting the business traveler. I prototyped the design and built the framework and styling from scratch.

StayAtHand is an iOS app with advanced search features and ease of use. I built and deployed all the help pages which are web based and designed to match the app.

Designed and deployed this new site moving everything from a Flash based model to a new, clean, responsive design.

Created and edited these videos and in most cases created the backing music as well as the text and animations.

Brand new site design for a previous client who liked my work so well she requested I redo her site. Built it to be responsive and fresh.

Simple Bootstrap 3 template built for StaySmarter to enable organizations to get funding from memebers and users by creating a code and booking through StaySmarter. is the parent company for StayFaster, StayDreamer and StayAtHand. The site was initially a Wordpress blog but that was migrated to a subdomain and the main pages are being ported to a Bottstrap layout.

Backing tracks for videos created for